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Excellence in Development

We are a full system solutions partner for the automotive industry, striving for excellence in the manufacturing and development of innovative polymer systems.

Why MTN Plastic?

MTN presents solutions supplying maximum benefit with high performance and long life mould standart approved by customer. MTN produces high quality part with the minimum cycle time by using robot and automation.

About MTN Plastic

MTN carries out production of moulds with professional management attitude based on the approach of Mould = Innovation. MTN has adopted team, software, machinery and other equipment with latest technology. MTN can do Co-Design and FSS (Full Service Supplier) for the customers. MTN is a solution partner for customers in various projects. Thanks to our team for continuous development, pioneer role in innovations, dynamism, fast and quality production.

We are eager to take the driving experience to the next level by enhancing functionality, design, safety, affordability, and sustainability.

MTN Plastic

Machine List

Servo, hydraulic, and variable flow hydraulic machines are the types of machines we use in manufacturing.


Business partners who have been working with us are our references that we are proud to present.

Quality Certificates

We carry out our productions in line with high quality certified global standards.